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Welcome to KIRK’S CRAFTS. 

Kirk’s Crafts has been the creative side of me for a long time and more actively creating since my retirement in 2013.  I learned woodworking skills in my Father’s shop while growing up in the 60’s and now have the opportunity to use those skills and create useful and beautiful wood pieces on my lathe.
As I started seriously turning and [always] learning in 2013 I gave away soooooo much stuff to my family and friends, though not everything thing that I touched turned out “beautiful” and often wound up in the scrap pile.  Eventually giving everything away gave way to selling and oft times doing custom work
Within you will find collections of various items created in my woodworking shop
Most are for sale though some are shown just for their (in my opinion) beauty or creativity.
Feel free to inquire or comment.
If I’m not in my shop I’ll usually be online, or eating, or sleeping or, you know, doing something else.
Thanks for visiting……………Joe